Upcoming Events

Black Friday Blackout!!!

November 25th • 9:00-


Bottle release, beer specials and Imperial Stouts on tap!

Wine-Tasting Fridays

Wine Tasting

Every Friday from 4:00 - 6:00

Wine tastings are a great opportunity to privy yourself to a new selection of wine, without committing to a bottle. We understand that our selection might be too vast for everyone, which is why we at City Beverage host a free wine tasting every Friday afternoon from 4-6. We keep each week a refreshing experience by offering a rotation of new tastings, from varietals to vineyards. This is a great chance for rookies and aficionados alike to come sip on some of the great wines we keep in stock. Let us be your Friday sommelier!

Beer-Tasting Saturdays

Beer Tasting

Every Saturday from 12:00 - 4:00

With a rich history of beer since 1946, and a third-generation-owned business, the last thing we want is to keep our experience with beer a secret from the community. We purposefully host a free beer-tasting every Saturday from 12:00-4:00 so we can share the great taste of malt and hops with our friends and visitors. Our Saturday afternoons vary in style, from pilsners to porters and barleywines to bavarian dunkels. This is a time to gather around a counter with friends and enjoy the expanding world of beer.

Tent Sales

Tent Sale

Next Sale: April 29th • 9am - 6pm

The Semi-Annual Tent Sale is an event without equal. This year we will feature hundreds of cases of wine and beer with every wine available for you to taste and enjoy. For our wine lovers, most of the wines will fall below $10 and the best bottles we have will fall between $15-$30 regardless of their original prices. If you are a beer connoisseur, you will find every microbrew and import we can get our hands on. Everything is at least at wholesale cost if not below.

This event has grown steadily more popular since the fall of 1994 — now there is often a crowd gathering at 8am! The Tent Sale will take place rain or shine. Every now and again, we have a couple of cases left over and those will be on sale the week after the event or until we run out.

Homebrew Classes

Homebrew Class

Next Homebrew Class: TBD

If you’ve been apart of the craft beer community for long, you’ve probably had the chance to drink a homebrew, or maybe you’ve already plunged into the yeasty waters yourself. Surprisingly, anyone can do it! Of course, your beer will probably turn out to be a lot more enjoyable if you have some training under your belt. Let us help you magnify your love of beer by teaching you the fundamentals of brewing.