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City Beverage is the Triad’s best kept secret for the finest wine, craft beer, and home brewing supplies.


Our shop is committed to providing you with the broadest selection of top shelf wine at the most reasonable prices around. We don’t fill our shelves with subpar brands to make our selection look larger. Instead, we find fabulous boutique wines to help expand your palette and wine experience.

Our beer selection offers you nearly every single beer available in North Carolina, as we work with distributors across the state. We also always have 10 doors of chilled beer ready for drinking as well as cases stacked along several walls.


Still not convinced? Then step up to the plate and join the award winning local homebrew club with supplies of your own and see if you can build a better brew.

Since its founding in 1946, City Beverage is what it is because of its customers. We have taken your feedback, your advice and your compliments, and by listening we have grown to sell some of the best bottles of beer and wine you can find on the east coast. So please, Don’t Stop. We want to hear all of the negative, the positive and the in between. And we want to say thank you in advance for the comments- from customers who make us what we are.

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If you would like to make a suggestion, perhaps something to make us a better in-store or online resource, please leave us a message, or give us a call!

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